Students train independently anytime and anywhere they have an Internet connection.


Every student receives the same high-quality training so you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies across your crew.


Our large and constantly-growing library of aviation topics allows you to customize the perfect training for your crew.


Meets FAA requirements along with AAMS and CAMTS standards and satisfies continuing education credit hours

Your training curriculum can be tailored to your specific operation and the individual training that your crew needs.

Safety and Aviation Environment Courses
Aviation Environment
Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations
Air Medical Crewmember Duties
Factors Influencing Air Medical Operations
Aircraft Operations
Principles of Flight - Fixed Wing
Principles of Flight - Rotary Wing
Basic Aircraft Systems
Aircraft Safety and Emergency Procedures
Hazard Awareness
Aircraft Emergency Procedures
Specific Aircraft Emergency Procedures
Air Medical Resource Management Courses
Human Factors
Situational Awareness
Decision Making
Fatigue Risk Management
Stress Management
Definition and Types of Stress
Critical Incident Stress (CIS)
Critical Incident Stress Management
Flight Physiology
The Earth's Atmosphere
Gas Laws
Pressurized Environments
Stressors of Flight

Aeromedical Certification Exam (ACE ) Prep Course
We have teamed up with The ResQ Shop to offer their ACE Prep Course which includes twenty-one hours of instruction reviewing the common materials tested on the Flight Paramedic Certification (FP-C) and the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CRFN) exams. The ACE Prep Course currently meets or exceeds most of the CAMTS recommendations for a transport program's initial and recurrent training.

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The program is running very well and we have had nothing but positive comments from the team. We received a big "plus" from the CAMTS surveyor folks for implementing the training. The Chair of our Safety committee has recommended the program to his contacts from the AAMS safety community.

- Site Manager

Air Medical Program

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