Avstar Media Introduces New OSHA Training Program

(April 1, 2009) -- Avstar Media, LLC, the leading developer of Computer Based Training for Aviation, introduces new comprehensive online OSHA training. The program is designed to address many of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s requirements for various job positions within the aviation community. The program consists of 15 separate modules that can be administered to employees depending on their job descriptions. From office workers, to maintenance technicians, to pilots and more, the modules allow the user to create a curriculum that best meets different job requirements.

With more than 3500 people enrolled in the training, Avstar has proven once again that Web Based training, can be the most cost effective way of completing the regulatory requirements for a multitude of subject areas when coupled with an effective, reliable Learning Management System, and a robust testing and record keeping system.

The system included the following modules:

Avstar Media is well known for their Indoctrination, Aircraft Specific, Air Medical Crewmember and custom designed training programs. With thousands of students using our unique training system, our OSHA customers have once again realized the convenience and financial benefits of quality Web Based training.

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